URF Comparison Matrix

Objects Yes Yes Yes JSON “objects” are really maps with keys restricted to strings. Yes “resource descriptions”
String, Number, Boolean Yes Yes Yes Yes
Date Yes Yes No Yes
IRI / URI Yes Yes No Yes
UUID, Regular Expression, Telephone Number, Email Address Yes Yes Yes No
Binary Yes Yes No Yes
Collections: List, Set, Map Yes Yes List-like array. No set. JSON “objects” are really maps, but keys are restricted to strings. Containers (open): sequence, bag, alternative. List (closed). No map.
Tables Yes Yes No No
Null Read but ignored. Read but ignored. Yes No
Data Model
Object Identifiers Yes Yes No Yes
Repeated Object Properties No Yes No Yes
Graph References Yes Yes No Yes
Ontology Yes Yes No Yes
Reification No Yes No Yes
Comments Yes Yes No Yes
Human Readable Yes Yes Yes RDF/XML: verbose. RDF/Turtle: cryptic.
Document Metadata No Yes No No
JSON Backwards Compatible Yes Yes Yes No