The Uniform Resource Framework (URF) is a semantic framework for storing data—independent of any serialization syntax—complete with diverse, interchangeable data formats.

Simple, Consistent Data Model

Easier than RDF!

Resource property value.

A simpler RDF, a richer JSON, a modern CSV, a readable Turtle—all with a pervasive elegance.

Diverse Formats, Uniform Data

All formats represent identical URF data models!

A simple, rich, readable replacement for JSON.
A SURF superset for long-term data storage and ontology definitions; a sane analog of Turtle.
CSV-like files with the rigor and data types of URF, and the readability of TURF.
Graph representation of subject, property, value statements; elegant analog of N-Triples with TURF syntax.

Types Galore

Quick Start

Learn more.

More information is coming on URF in general. For now you can view the presentations, read the URF specification, or dive into using the Simple URF (SURF) format, the JSON replacement with a semantically rich foundation.