The Uniform Resource Framework (URF) is a semantic framework for storing data—independent of any serialization syntax—complete with diverse, interchangeable data formats.

Diverse Formats, Uniform Data

All formats represent identical URF data models!

A simple, rich, readable replacement for JSON.
A SURF superset for long-term data storage and ontology definitions; a sane analog of Turtle.
CSV-like files with the rigor and data types of URF, and the readability of TURF. Under development.
Graph representation of subject, property, value statements; elegant analog of N-Triples with TURF syntax. Under development.

A simpler RDF, a richer JSON, a modern CSV, a readable Turtle—all with a pervasive elegance.

Types Galore

Learn More

View the presentations, read the URF specification, or dive into using the Simple URF (SURF) format, the JSON replacement with a semantically rich foundation. You may also want to compare URF and its formats with other frameworks.